Dr Agnieszka Lemańczyk on body cleaning

The body naturally needs cleaning. If we follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle, i.e. a full-value diet in 4 balanced meals, a 12- to 14-hour break from eating, regular exercise.


How we eat affects our behavior and mood. Some of these changes may be very slight or negligible, while others may significantly influence our lives.

What others say about us

Czapielski Młyn Slimming and Rejuvenating Center has guests who return year after year. We are glad that they appreciate our efforts and want to return. They know that time stops when they come to us and that they really can rest here.


If you are searching for a place to avoid noise and bustle and in which to rest in a natural environment with a forest and a crystal-clear lake, welcome to Czapielski Młyn Slimming and Rejuvenating Center! Our Center is located in the heart of Kashubian S